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The forest and my paintings go beyond the pursuit of adventure and artistic pleasure for me. My continual study of the forest and its trails daily make me more aware of the importance of our wild areas. I am new at tree identification but now as I traverse through the woods I am noticing the loss of many of our native species to disease and insects as well as the constant culling of trees for lumber and development. This makes me even more eager to experience as much of the fleeting beauty of the trees as possible and I look forward to enjoying and capturing their images and spirits on canvas for years to come.

I donate to tree restoration projects as a part of my sales process. It is my way of paying it forward and ensuring that the next generations have trees to enjoy. I intend to continue this practice and together we can grow forests for the future.

Our connection to the trees runs deep. They lift our spirits, show us our connection to the earth and are linked to every breath we take. Let us do what we can to cherish and protect them!

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